Brock Wilkerson was an inspiration to his friends and family long before he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at the age of 45. He lived life with a unique capacity for kindness, friendship and leadership.

In his community, Brock served on many local non-profit boards and always had time to be a great friend. He was especially dedicated to helping coach his daughter's soccer team and spending time with his family and children.

An avid runner, Brock completed 13 marathons--3 of which he ran with stage 4 lung cancer. Brock loved the camaraderie of running with friends and inspired many to sign up and run races as well.  

We hope to keep Brock's infectious spirit alive with: "BrockTrot"--an annual 10k race and community walk held in Lenox, MA. Our purpose is to raise funds and awareness to support research and early detection of lung cancer in non-smokers. 

We hope that each year BrockTrot will bring family, old friends and new friends together, and reinforce what was important to Brock:  love, life and enjoying every moment.

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