Mum and daughter who weighed 44st totally unrecognisable after cutting junk food

Mum and daughter who weighed 44st totally unrecognisable after cutting junk food

A mum and daughter who tipped the scales at 44 stone between them are have undergone a dramatic transformation after ditching junk food.

Angela, 63, and 32-year-old Katie Warrell have lost 15 stone in total after eating their way to 24st and 20st respectively.

Angela used to eat around 35 packets of crisps and drink more than a dozen cans of Coke per week while her daughter would indulge on chocolate and sweets.

The pair would get through entire sharing bags in one sitting – after large meals of battered chicken and chips.

But they decided to swap the junk with healthy alternatives like fruit and veg after Angela couldn’t fit her seatbelt round her on a flight during a family holiday.

The pair, from Portnoy in Scotland, joined Slimming World and signed up to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Now they enjoy healthy meals like salads, home-made soups, yoghurt with fruit and veg stir-fry.

Instead of snacking on crisps and chocolate they now opt for fruit if they get peckish between meals.

Katie, who was 20st and is now 14st, said: “It was hard at first but it gets easier when you see the weight coming off.”

Angela, now 14st 13lb, added: “I’m looking forward to going on a plane and not asking for an extension.”

Angela’s diet before
Breakfast: Toast, butter and jam.

Lunch: Sandwich/wrap.

Dinner: Chicken in batter and chips.

Snacks: Chocolate. Crisps.

Evening snack: Entire bag of 150g for sharing and vodka and coke.

Angela’s diet now
Breakfast: Yoghurt. Fruit.

Lunch: Sandwich/wrap with plenty of vegetables and fruit.

Dinner: Home-made soup, chicken salad, or vegetable stir-fry.

Snacks: Fruit.

Friday treat: One or two glasses of vodka and coke.

Katie’s diet before

Breakfast: Nothing, or a chocolate cereal bar.

Lunch: Pizza and chips.

Dinner: Much the same as lunch.

Snacks: Chocolate, crisps and sweets.

Evening snack: Entire sharing bag of chocolate.

Katie’s diet now
Breakfast:Banana and yogurt.

Lunch: Jacket potato with cheese or salad, or cheese and crackers.

Dinner: Chicken or tuna salad.

Snacks: Fruit (apples strawberries etc).

Friday treat: Freddo chocolate bar.