Couple save hundreds using crafty wedding hack with finds from Poundland

Couple save hundreds using crafty wedding hack with finds from Poundland

A couple who have had to postpone their wedding due to coronavirus have spent lockdown creating crafty pieces for their big day.

Helen Slater and Phil Crook were due to get married on June 19 as they marked eight years together, but decided to postpone so they could still have their 150 guests in August.

In a bid to save some cash and keep themselves busy during lockdown they have made signs, trays and drapes to decorate the village hall reception to bring costs down.

But one fantastic hack, which 45-year-old Helen posted on to a Facebook group, has been praised by fellow DIYers and is set to save her around £200 on her big day.

Helen, who has worked throughout the pandemic in IT for Staffordshire County Council, posted: “I was looking at food serving stands for our wedding and couldn’t justify how much these kind were.

“I had a think and a wander round Poundland and we came up with these…total cost around £6.”

Helen had spotted the buffet food stands for around £25 and decided to give a go at making them herself.

She used two peg frames from Poundland, removed the thread and covered the base board with black sticky-backed plastic.

And the used two easels from The Works – by sawing off the stand – and joining them all together.

She added: “It’s hard to explain but the end result is fab I think and when it’s filled with food no one I think will know the difference really.”

Her post was liked by more than 240 people in the first 24 hours with many calling her idea “genius”.

Tricia Lee said: “Wow they are amazing! Well done for being so creative.”

And Habiba Mahmood added: “I don’t know how you came up with this brilliant idea – I’m impressed well done!! Thank you for sharing.”