Uber Eats customer put off McDonalds after ‘finding live slug in her fries’

Uber Eats customer put off McDonalds after ‘finding live slug in her fries’

A teenager says she was “put off McDonald’s for life” after finding a live slug slithering around in her fries.

Nyra-Rose Muir, 19, from Barking, east London, ordered her meal via Uber Eats from McDonald’s in Dagenham Leisure Park on Thursday night.

She was already halfway through her meal when she felt something cold in the bag. She thought it was a red onion from her burger.

But when she took a closer look she realised it was a slug and that it was still alive.

Feeling sick, she threw it back in the back and disposed of the food.

Ms Muir says she is “shaken” by the mollusk encounter and has vowed never to eat at McDonald’s again.

McDonald’s has apologised to Ms Muir and said that after an investigation they could not find any reason to think the “foreign object” got into the bad in the restaurant.

Ms Muir said: “I’m still shaken about it. It’s disgusting.

“I started eating a few chips. I picked up a stack of three or four chips and I felt something cold on my hand and I looked at it.

“It looked like a red onion. When I saw it move, I immediately threw it in the bag. I’ve never felt so disgusted in my life.

“I’d eaten half of the meal before I noticed this. I don’t know if I ate some chips with slime on it, but all I know is afterwards I felt a bit sick.”

She added: “It’s put me off McDonald’s for life.”

Ms Muir claims the food was sealed when the Uber Easts driver dropped it off on her doorstep.

“He said a fox had scared him off and he’d left the food there”, she said.

She opened the food and found the drink was leaking and half empty. The food was cold, but she took it upstairs to eat it anyway.

On the slug, Ms Muir said: “I’ve no idea how it got in there. I feel like it came from the restaurant because there’s no way it could’ve got into the bag. It was all sealed up.”

Ms Muir contacted the McDonald’s branch and was told there was nothing they could do. So she posted about the incident on social media.

“Online, everyone was disgusted”, she said. “They’re like ‘I’m off McDonald’s’.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said: “We are sorry to hear about this customer’s experience.

“Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards in order to avoid any imperfections.

“Having conducted an investigation at restaurant-level, we’ve been unable to find anything to suggest the product was contaminated with the foreign object in the restaurant.”

They said the McDonald’s customer service team has contacted Ms Muri to apologise and to help find a resolution.